Flugelman Productions


by Daniel Keene

directed by Edwina Strobl

Performed at  Blue Elephant Theatre - London, Exeter Phoenix- Exeter, The Other Place- Ventnor Fringe

“Boxman is an utterly riveting monologue... a profound meditation on the meaning of home...This is my pick of the Fringe by a country mile. If I could give it six stars, I would.” ★★★★★ BroadwayBaby

There are more than 60 million displaced people on our planet... people who have no home.

Ringo is one of them. He is a survivor, a child soldier displaced from his homeland, sheltering in a cardboard box in an inner city park. He lives in plain sight but is invisible to the city around him. But inside his makeshift ‘home’, Ringo lives a life rich with stories and songs of a childhood far away, a family tragically lost and the complicated promise of a new beginning.

‘Boxman’ uses storytelling, comedy and tears to challenge our understanding the idea of home in a way that responds to the crisis of displacement that the world faces, and celebrates the resilience of people who despite trauma must reframe their own sense of belonging. This year is the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week (18-24th June), so it seems like an important time for theatre to raise questions about ideas of displacement and belonging. 

The Poetry We Make

love, loss, Dolly Parton and finding yourself beyond your gender 

Ms Parton… would surely be proud of this testament to love, regardless of what body that love takes.
— ★★★★1/2 The Reviews Hub

When Elliott discovers her ex-boyfriend Robin has started to transition into a woman her world turns upside down. With the help of her hero and spirit guide, Dolly Parton, she examines her memories of the man she loved – re-imagining what it means to be a woman, and what it means to be in love.

"I guess I was relying on the memories. But they’re not safe anymore."

excellent concoction of theatrical elements...Furnishing audiences with lots to laugh over and think about, this is a fervently amusing and tenderly poignant play.
— ★★★★LondonTheatre1 

Arts Council England National Lottery Funded, nominated for the 2017 Reviews Hub Brighton Fringe Beyond the Fringe award, Flugelman Productions presents Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal’s touching new play.

In 2018 we performed the play for a week as part of the fabulous VAULT Festival 2018 in the Cavern at the Vaults. In 2017 The Poetry We Make was premiered at the Marlborough Theatre Brighton, part of Brighton Fringe 2017, for which we were shortlisted for The Reviews Hub 'Beyond The Fringe' Award. In June and July 2017 we performed sell-out shows in London at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, RADA Festival, The Old Red Lion Theatre and Library club, Covent Garden.

“The Poetry We Make shows a timely reality, made even more significant by Harris being himself a transgender actor"

"truly inspiring...compelling theatrical piece"  

Theatre Weekly ★★★★

Spy in The Stalls ★★★★

“The performer’s bring such a honest and heartfelt approach to the characters, letting us not only relate but also question ourselves in their situations.”

“A culturally significant piece of theatre.”

Get The Chance  ★★★★

“Edwina Strobl’s production has warmth and there’s an endearing performance from Mia Hall as Dolly Parton”

The Stage ★★★

“The chemistry between Elena Voce (Elliott) and Elijah W Harris (Robin) is gorgeous"

Theatre Bubble ★★★


Cast: Elena Voce, Elijah Harris, Mia Hall, Sam Thorpe-Spinks

Writer: Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

Director: Edwina Strobl  

Dramaturg: Lucinda Dale

Producers: Heather Ralph, Katherine Rigg



Designer: Alexandra Kapsala Greenwood

Lighting Designer: Jess Bernberg

Sound Designer: Davide Vox

Music Director: Ella Bellsz

Movement Director: Carissa Rickeard



by Hayley Ricketson
directed by Mike Cottrell

dramaturgy by Lucinda Dale and Minna Jeffrey

A young woman who’s never had a mother and a grown woman who’s never had a daughter fill unexpected roles for one another.

2 July 21:00 @ RADA Festival,, Gielgud Theatre - Malet Street, London WC1E 7JN

8-9 August 20:00 @ Rosemary Branch Theatre- 2 Shepperton Road, London, N1 3DT

When 17-year-old Grace’s alcoholic father checks himself into rehab, she is sent to live with his distant cousin, 38-year-old Rhonda, who is single and who, ten years ago, had an abortion.

A young woman who’s never had a mother. A grown woman who’s never had a daughter. Will they fulfil the roles they expect to, or will they find in each other something else? Something more complex, more troubling, perhaps even more beautiful.

Longlisted for Theatre 503’s Playwriting Award in 2016, Graceful is a provocative play, examining the ways in which love and attachment to another person can manifest themselves.

Grace and Rhonda navigate the space alongside their inner selves, who serve as their commentators, companions and constant judges. Between intimate naturalistic dialogue and spoken word-style monologues, the text plays with form and style to bring to life the complexity of the female psyche and how sexuality and desire can show themselves. It is a play about women, their desire, and their love.

In the post-Weinstein era, as the #metoo and #timesup movements take hold, it’s time to create spaces in which women can reclaim their bodies and their sexuality.

Let’s celebrate a female sexuality that is active and complex. One that women can claim as their own. It is the time to open our wounds, celebrate our scars and find a way forward.

Graceful opens the can of worms that is female desire in all its complexity, and lays it bare across the stage.  

Season to Taste

by Hayley Ricketson


Starring Emma Delius, Laura Franek, Hayley Ricketson 

Directed by Edwina Strobl 

Produced by Victoria Strobl 

Food by The West Country Higgler

A dinner/theatre experience performed at 56 St James Cafe in December 2015.

Hayley Ricketson’s series of monologues explored how food guides how we think and talk about our lives. 6 women living share dinner party conversation, digesting and discussed what matters most: love, loneliness, sex and growing up. Delicious, outrageous and very, very honest. A sublime dinner theatre experience that brought together music, spoken word and storytelling.